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The truth is…business professionals and key decision makers who need to relax, kick back and enjoy FUN – ar the ones who never take the time to enjoy even short breaks.

All businesses struggle with the sad reality of how to keep their top players with high productivity from eventually experiencing burn out or accepting other offers. With the rapidly emerging changes in the economy, technology and communication, stress levels have catapulted out of control. now, it is even more critical to enjoy short humor breaks.

People are being replaced with robots and live conversation has moved to voice wrap-arounds,emails and text messaging. where is the real eye-to-eye contact and conversation that builds trust, which in turn build the business bottom line? There is a reason why the Top 500 corporations integrate humor consultants into their annual leadership convention and throughout the year to train their staff, because humor works!

We Make It Easy for Planners to Plan Events

The path to success is productivity … this increased productivity is a direct result from happy, secure and positive VP’s, Managers and Employees. Just as everyone wants to be appreciated, your company workers need to be appreciated… since everyone loves great food and fun because it makes them feel happy. Special events hosting food and fun creates a happy staff and it is this happy staff who builds your company.

Why does the mere mention of a special event strike every panic button throughout the your company when its intention is pleasure and fun? Businesses recognize the value of appreciation, however, they also dread the/planning, timelines, cost and stress associated with these so called “pleasurable fun events”.

Rather than scurrying around and worrying about every detail, you can spend time enjoying the fun experience and perhaps participate in real conversation. This allows you to get to know your colleagues and staff, maybe for the first time in many years. The real golden nugget is they also get to know you  as their trusted leader. Whether you are the Board of Director Chair, President, Vice-President or Department Manager, employees who develop trust in their company leaders work hard to increase productivity levels.

Imagine Life Without Laughter…

Our hidden treasure is not found in our tasty pancakes (although they are spectacular), our hidden treasure is discovered in the delivery of audience joy and laughter as they relive childhood fun experiences.

As your employees, family and friends catch our pancakes, we strike their humor nerves. Amazing chemical reactions take place that spontaneously transfer – problem employees, micro-managers and power controllers into happy playful kids all playing in the same sand box.

When laughter occurs from everyone experiencing the same action, the suits and staff share common ground with one mission…desperately attempting to catch their pancakes. This common ground sends a loud signal – this is a fun company to work for and lets all work together.

You can host your own pancake breakfast or sponsor another event, but our benefits package delivers long lasting benefits of taste, camaraderie, fun and humor. Humor is one of the key elements for building a positive environment and nurturing relationships of trust…and it is this relationship of trust that builds the bottom line. If you would like to find out more about Corporate Chris Cakes look at our review at Chris Cakes website