Emergency Catering

Emergency catering from Chris Cakes Northwest 24/7 service.

Got a food emergency?  We can help.

Emergency Catering Photo

Chris Cakes Northwest provides emergency catering, both emergency and non-emergency situations, in the event of catastrophe or simply if you forgot to book a meal for your office or need a last minute meal catered. We can be anywhere in Oregon or southwest Washington within a couple of hours. We are completely self-supporting and self-contained. We have catered in some of the worst conditions imaginable. We have provided for our utility workers in bad weather and for our military when the going truly was tough. If you need food in an emergency, call our office or text our number, and fill out the contact form stating your emergency. Don’t forget to leave your 24hr phone number. We have a few stipulations on emergency catering when it comes to menu selection; however, we haven’t found anyone who can do what we do and beat our prices.