• What is the record for the number of pancakes eaten at one event?

The Men’s record is 72 the women’s record is 48

      • Do you offer a special “KIDS PRICE” for any of your meals?

No, but if you have a young child he or she is welcome to eat off of your plate

      • What if my child has food allergies (nuts, milk, eggs, etc.)?

Please call or e-mail our office to discuss your particular situation.

      •  How long has CHRIS CAKES been around?

Since 1969, but you won’t find it in any history books.

      • How much does one of your grills cost?

Sorry they are not for sale, and they are patented.

      • Who was the “real” CHRIS CAKES?

The late Mr. Lorin Chiistiansen of Iowa

      • How many people can 1 CHRIS CAKES “Flipper” serve per hour?

200-250 ~ Depending on the crowd’s appetite.

300-450 If we bring a 2nd Flipper along to help with the event (EXTRA CHARGE)

      • What is the LARGEST number of people served at one event?

5,000 People at Union Station in Kansas City, MO

      • What is the AVERAGE number of people served at a typical event?

250~300 People over a 2 hour period

      • Why do I need to provide volunteers?

We typically we only bring one “Flipper” to your event to cut down on Costs to you and your organization.

      • Can I request changes to your standard menus?

Yes, we will try to meet your request.

      • What is your minimum charge?

$360.00 + Delivery for all or pancake events.  Which equals 72 people (we are waving this minimum for the month of April 2014 during our start up month for events in the Portland Metro area)

      • What if less than my estimated number of people show at my event?

After the minimum charge, just the number that show up.

      • What if more people show up than I estimated?

We normally bring enough supplies to account for about 25% more than your estimated number.

      • Am I charged any extra fees if I exceed my estimate?

No, Just the per plate cost for the extra people served.

      • What if people are still in line at the scheduled end of my event?

We will keep serving until everyone has a change to go through the serving line.

      • Why do you charge for delivery?

It is designed to cover the costs of getting our equipment to and from your event.

      • How far in advance can I book an event?

1 Calendar year – First Come – First Served

      • Do you require a deposit?

Not normally, but you many pre-pay any amount you wish.

      • Can you make colored pancakes for special events?

Yes, please let the office know at the time you book your event.

      • Is it okay if we have something else going on while your flippers are there?

Fundraisers are most profitable when yu have something going on in conjunction with the pancake event at your location.

      • How much time do you need to set-up?

We need 1.5 -2 hours of set up time.  If we can park close to where we are serving it will take less time.  If it up some stairs and around the corner and though the woods then we will need more time.  Please let us know when you book with us the set up arrangements.

      • Can you do a third shift for us?

Yes we can do an event any time of the day or night.

      • Do the pancakes have wheat in them?

Yes, the pancakes have wheat, milk, eggs, soy, and are produced in a facility that also handles peanuts and tree nuts.

      • Do you have more information on the corporate side of Chris Cakes Yes, their website is Chris Cakes